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Car accidents oftentimes cause massive damage to vehicles and serious injuries to those involved. While there are numerous ways to minimize your risks of being involved in an accident, it’s sometimes unpreventable due to the actions of other drivers. If you are seriously injured in an accident and don’t feel that you’re getting justice with the insurance company, make sure you speak to a personal injury lawyer federal way without delay.

Most common causes of car accidents include:

·    Distracted Driving: Pay attention to the road and nothing else when driving. Distracted driving includes things such as texting while driving, reading, or even playing games with the kids in the back seat.

·    Reckless Driving: Don’t drive careless when you’re on the road. Don’t play cat and mouse games, don’t race other drivers, etc. Driving carelessly causes so many accidents every year!

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·    Driving Under the Influence: Make plans for a designated driver if you have plans to go out and drink. Don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve consumed any amount of alcohol to keep things safe. So much is on the line when you drive under the influence.

·    Speeding: Follow the posted speed limits. Even when you think driving faster is safe, you’re taking risks when you drive faster. Speed limits are there to protect everyone, so stay safe.

·    Weather: Rain and snow are two of the most common weather conditions that cause drives to wreck, but others make driving difficult as well. Make sure to leave early to give yourself extra time to get to your destination when weather isn’t clear outside.

Use the above tips to minimize the risks of being involved in a car accident. They happen frequently but when measures are taken to prevent them, you will drive longer without incident.